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ALMOST TRUE by Steven Bollman

Thirty years in the making, but covering just a few seconds in real time, Almost True is Steven Bollman's highly anticipated new photobook.

The concept behind Almost True deals with the premise that people bring their own ideas and interpretations to deciphering photographs. The epigraph by Harold Pinter (from his play, Old Times) encapsulates the idea: "There are some things one remembers even though they may never have happened.”

There are many ways to group photos; topic, time, place are familiar ones.  Almost True, explores other ways to group photos and play with narrative. I've taken the 81 photos in the book and divided them into 9 sections. Each group relying on emotional, gestural, and graphic interplay. 

The photos were taken over 34 years in many different places: California, Cuba, Sicily, Cuba, Haiti, Italy, Mississippi, New York, Oakland, Portugal, Santa Fe, and Spain.

I designed the book to be on the small size (9"H x 6"W), but by making all of the photos full page spreads the photos open up to 12"W x 9"H. "Small book, big picture." The binding was designed to be opened flat. By having each photo shown alone across a spread the viewer can hold the book in their lap and as they turn the pages have one image dissolve into another, in a cinematic way.

Essay by Alfredo Triff

192 Pages / 81 images, Hardcover, 9"H x 6"W. 

Published by F8 Books and printed in USA

$ 35.00
Buy Almost True - ALMOST TRUE by Steven Bollman

Steven Bollman

Steven Bollman is a documentary photographer based in San Francisco
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